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Our Crafty Menu is always growing. We are sure you will find something you love, there is something for anyone! Our crafts vary in difficulty levels and priced as such starting at only $10.00


We are proud to sample our exclusive teas you will not find anywhere else! You can sip while you craft or shop in our tea room. Our Tea Tastings are a fun and entertaining way to learn more about how tea is the new super food!

Tea Tastings

Join us for a Tea Tasting Event! We have high tea on Sundays as a special event one time a month. Reservations are required and space is limited. We enjoy one hot tea, one iced tea, and we experience the amazing new Purple Tea! Seats are $29

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$10 Crafts

Neon Weave Bracelet

Difficulty Level: Medium 1.5 hours

This is one a fun craft! We recommend crafters for this be 8+

Simple Charm Necklace

Difficulty Level: Easy 45 minutes

This stamped necklace is a lovely addition to any outfit. Makes a perfect gift.

Tea Box

Difficulty Level: Easy 45 minutes

The options are endless! Paint and decorate!

Kiddie Craft DIY Necklace

Difficulty Level: Easy 45 minutes

Our new DIY Necklaces Kits offer kids a fun and creative way to make their own jewelry. Each kit comes with non-toxic wooden beads made by woman artisans in the Philippines, a 30-inch string of waxed cotton cord, a flexible beading needle, plus instructions. These are great for gifts, birthday parties, or just because - don't forget these would make a great stocking stuffer!

$20 Crafts

Stamped Bracelet

Difficulty Level: Medium 1 hour

Difficulty Level: Medium 1 hour

String Art

Difficulty Level: Medium 2 hours

String art is making an amazing comeback because it is a fun project and a fun addition to any room! Multiple designs available

Hanging Planter

Difficulty Level: Easy 45 minutes

There are so many ways to decorate this ceramic bisque planter! You can “stitch” cord and beads through holes and/or create a hanging planter by threading cord through 4 holes to create a hanger.

Stand Tall

Difficulty Level: Medium 1.5 hours

With a few easy steps you can create this cheerful wooden pineapple sign to add a pop of color to any room!

Magnetic Catch Bottle Opener

Difficulty Level: Medium 1.5 hours

This fun bottle opener is perfect for the beer fridge! Pick any stain color, and add any stencil you like.

$30 Crafts

Arm Scarf

Difficulty Level: Medium 2 hours

This is an adorable addition to a fall wardrobe. No knitting needles required! Several colors to choose from.

Wine Caddy with Etched Glasses

Difficulty Level: Medium 45 minutes

You stain wash and wax your caddy, then etch 2 13.5 oz wine glasses. Etching is an addictive craft! We have a lot of designs to choose from! Anything from mermaids to mustaches!

Crafty Pony Paddle

Difficulty Level: Easy 45 minutes

Complete with (4) 5.5 oz.glasses, this Crafty Pony Paddle has a natural finish wood paddle, this set features everything you need to serve in style.

Dirty Pour Canvas

Difficulty Level: Easy 1 hour

Forget the paint brush! Pour it on!

Wall Organizer

Difficulty Level: Medium 3 hours

This Wall Mounted Organizer can be decorated to your liking. You prepare the wood, paint or stain, and apply wax to seal. This is a favorite! Measures 20" x 14"

Granite Cheese Tray with Beaded Knife

Difficulty Level: Easy 45 minutes

Picking out your granite is a difficult task! There is a lot to choose from. A cheese knife compliments your tray. You bead the knife with any color bead you want. (Silver knife, Silver Wire)

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