$30 Crafts

Arm Scarf

Difficulty Level: Medium 2 hours

This is an adorable addition to a fall wardrobe. No knitting needles required! Several colors to choose from

Wine Caddy with Etched Glasses

Difficulty Level: Medium 45 minutes

You stain wash and wax your caddy, then etch 2 13.5 oz wine glasses. Etching is an addictive craft! We have a lot of designs to choose from! Anything from mermaids to mustaches!

Crafty Pony Paddle

Difficulty Level: Easy 45 minutes

Complete with (4) 5.5 oz.glasses, this Crafty Pony Paddle has a natural finish wood paddle, this set features everything you need to serve in style.

Bohemian Wall Hanging

Difficulty Level: Easy 45 minutes

This chic wall hanging is a fun addition to any room. Choose from various colors of wooden beads to embellish it even more! The tips of your wall hanging are painted with 12k gold.

Dirty Pour Canvas

Difficulty Level: Easy 1 hour

Forget the paint brush! Pour it on!