$20 Crafts

Stamped Bracelet

Difficulty Level: Medium 1 hour

It is fun to design a personalized bracelet, but, stamped jewelry can be harder than you think!

String Art

Difficulty Level: Medium 2 hours

String art is making an amazing comeback because it is a fun project and a fun addition to any room! Multiple designs available

Hanging Planter

Difficulty Level: Easy 45 minutes

There are so many ways to decorate this ceramic bisque planter! You can “stitch” cord and beads through holes and/or create a hanging planter by threading cord through 4 holes to create a hanger.

Stand Tall

Difficulty Level: Medium 1.5 hours

With a few easy steps you can create this cheerful wooden pineapple sign to add a pop of color to any room!

Iced Tea Tumblers

Difficulty Level: Medium 2 hours

Cut and sand you very own tumblers.